Lo Stupro, 2013, thesis show at Interlochen Arts Academy

Lo Stupro, meaning “the rape” in Italian, is a body of work that wrangles with the idea of virginity, guilt, and shame in Christianity. Often reserved for marriage, sex and/or feminine knowledge can be interpreted as a fall from grace if a man is not present.

Pulling from biblical passages like Genesis, Lo Stupro dissects the idea of the woman’s quest for knowledge as original sin. Figures like Eve, Lilith, Lucifer, the Blessed Virgin, and Mary Magdalene become sacrifices for obedience or saints of independence. By forcing the duality of “good” and “evil” to inhabit the same spaces, one is encouraged to revisit the traditionally Italian Madonna/Whore complex from the point of view of women trapped in between, with no male authority present.

© Alicia Krupsky 2020